OUSC train at Rosenblatt Pool as well as in the Blues Performance Gym.

The Blues (1st team) train 8 times per week in the pool and have 1 gym/dryland session per week.

Monday7:00-8:30Rosenblatt Pool
Tuesday7:00-8:30Rosenblatt Pool
Tuesday18:00-19:00Blues Performance Gym
Tuesday19:00-21:00Rosenblatt Pool
Wednesday17:00-19:00Rosenblatt Pool
Thursday19:00-21:00Rosenblatt Pool
Friday7:00-8:30Rosenblatt Pool
Friday19:30-21:00Rosenblatt Pool
Saturday9:00-11:00Rosenblatt Pool

The Dolphins (2nd team) train 4 times per week with 1 dryland/gym session.

Tuesday18:00-19:00Rosenblatt Pool
Wednesday19:00-20:00Rosenblatt Pool
Saturday11:00-12:00Rosenblatt Pool
Sunday14:00-15:00Gallie-Lewis-Dean(GLD) Studio
Sunday15:00-16:30Rosenblatt Pool