Oxford rank 8th at BUCS

After being promoted to the top division last year, Oxford was in lane 7 for this year’s BUCS Teams Championship, racing alongside some of England and Scotland’s top swimmers upon their return from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The BUCS Teams competition was controversially held two months later than usual, … Continue reading

MacKay-Champion Fights For Bronze in Edinburgh

As the rest of the counrty battled to prevent Storm Emma choking Britian to a standstill, the nations finest swimmers gathered for the 2018 British Swimming Championships.  The warm Scottish crowd welcomed the championships for the first time since the olympic trials in Glasgow, eger to support local superstars such … Continue reading

Oxford Team Swims Strongly in the Face of Advarsity

An unprecedented technicality meant it was almost a win for the opposition, but with two controversial points reclaimed Oxford secured a draw in the 126th Varsity Swimming match. The Rosenblatt pool hosted possibly the closest swimming Varsity to date with the Oxford women soaking up a 10 point lead only … Continue reading

Blues Times Galore for OUSC at BUCS Short Course

On Friday 10th November OUSC packed their bags and headed up to Sheffield to compete in BUCS short course: a nationwide event with 49 universities competing, including Olympians. After an initial delay due to the door not shutting (sadly, Jamie Towner’s ego wouldn’t fit) OUSC were ready for a big … Continue reading

Season’s Schedule 2017-2018

2017 Freshers’ Fair –– Oxford University –– Wednesday 4th October – Thursday 6th October (0th week MT17) Held every year in the Examinations School in Fresher’ Week. Great time for people interested in trying out for the team to meet current team members, like the captains.  OUSC Team Trials –– Oxford University –– Saturday 8th October (Time 15.00-1700 )(0th week … Continue reading