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If you’re interested in swimming whilst at Oxford, there are several options open to you. Depending on your ability and level of commitment, you will be able to choose from training with us on the Blues’ swimming squad and several other university aquatic sports including – among others – water polo, modern pentathlon and triathlon. For those simply interested in casual or recreational swimming, the Rosenblatt pool at Iffley Road is open to everybody for a very reasonable annual fee.

Blues’ Team

The Blues’ team focuses on competitive swimming training. To join the team you will almost certainly have trained and competed before, and you’ll need to be willing to commit to at least 6 training sessions a week. Entry onto the team is reasonably competitive and determined by trials, at the Iffley Rd Sports Centre, to be held Sunday of 1st week of Michaelmas term (October 12th 2014).

In deciding who to accept onto the team, we will take into account not only trials performance, but also other information such as your previous swimming experience and personal best times. At trials you will be asked to swim two 50m sprints, one freestyle and one of a different stroke of your choice. You will also have to fill out a form with your personal best times, so make sure you bring any times you have with you. For more information please contact either of the captains, or come and visit us at our freshers’ fair stand.

What other opportunities are there to swim?

There are also many other options for those who want to put their swimming skills to good use. Check out the water polo teamtriathletesmodern pentathletes, or

The Iffley Rd pool is available for lane swimming at most times of the day. You will need to get student membership which is currently set at £77 for the year, or £160 for the three year deal (ask your college before buying this as some give it for free).


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