OUSC swim to first win of the season

OUSC has had a great start to the season, welcoming two new coaches and 8 new swimmers we are excited to see what the season can bring!
On Saturday 21st October, we had our first gala of the year, with swimming teams from Warwick, Southampton, Nottingham and London descended to the Rosenblatt Pool in Oxford for the annual Friendly Gala competition. The friendly gala saw our incoming freshers swim under the Dark Blue banner for the first time and provided opportunity for the whole team to race for the first time since the start of the new academic year.

Approximately 80 swimmers competed in the gala in 12 events covering all disciplines. Oxford secured three 1-2 placings during the evening in the Men’s 100m backstroke (Jamie Towner and Dom Walker), Women’s 100m backstroke (Charlotte Newman and Suzy Norman), and the Women’s 50m backstroke (Charlotte Newman and Suzy Norman), as well as a further four first places throughout the night in the Women’s 100m freestyle (Lauren Burton), Women’s 100m butterfly (Zara Ryan), Women’s 50m butterfly (Zara Ryan) and the Men’s 50m backstroke (Jamie Towner). The night culminated with an exciting “canon” event which saw the eight fastest swimmers from each team battle for victory in an 8x25m freestyle relay; Oxford placed second in this behind Warwick by 0.05s.

Final results:
1st – Oxford A (141)
2nd – Southampton A (137)
3rd – Warwick (134)
4th – Nottingham A (132)
5th – Oxford B (108)
6th – Southampton B (63)
7th – Nottingham B (62)
8th – London (32)

A strongly positive start to the new season for our swim team ahead of the first BUCS competition at the end of 5th week. Our thanks to the teams from Warwick, Southampton, Nottingham and London who made the friendly gala the success it was.

Written by Lauren Burton

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