Seconds Varsity 2019

Seconds Varsity 2019

After reintroducing the seconds varsity match last year, this year saw the seconds team congregate at Parkside pool to face the Cambridge team again. In an incredibly well-fought match, Oxford won the Men’s trophy, but unfortunately lost out on the Women’s and Overall trophy.


Men's 4941


Women's 100 IM
1Betsy PerryCambridge1:12.55
2Ada TaggartOxford1:14.09
3Iris HallCambridge1:18.16
4Lucy GreenwoodOxford 1:19.15
Men's 100 IM
1Edward AustinCambridge1:04.68
2James MasonOxford 1:05.21
3Brandon LinoCambridge1:08.77
4Toby McCarrollOxford 1:09.44
Women's 50 Back
1Beth FitzsimmonsCambridge35.52
2Iris HallCambridge36.11
3Emily UrquhartOxford 41.83
4Megan KnockOxford 45.21
Men's 50 Back
1Jarvis ChapmanOxford 28.79
2Balint KeresztfalviCambridge31.01
3Jacob WrightCambridge31.42
4Michael ShaoOxford31.97
Women's 100 free
1Anna StevensonCambridge1:03.05
2Sarah ChapmanOxford 1:05.37
3Emma GraingerCambridge1:05.77
4Isabel GonzalvezOxford1:09.67
Men's 100 free
1Ed PhillipsCambridge1:00.09
2Philip DeckerOxford 1:00.21
3Karl RomainCambridge1:00.48
4Hugo CavenOxford 1:00.92
Women's 50 Fly
1Lucy GreenwoodOxford32.84
2Anastasia KopytinaCambridge33.52
3Alex VayroCambridge34.21
4Genevieve NelsonOxford 35.57
Men's 50 Fly
1Arman KarshenasOxford 27.98
2Nick MainiCambridge28.41
3James MasonOxford 28.94
4Seth FollenCambridge30.11
Women's 200 Free
1Sarah ChapmanOxford 2:23.85
2Isabel GonzalvezOxford 2:27.25
3Philippa ChambersCambridge2:30.09
4Alex VayroCambridge2:35.01
Men's 200 Free
1Nat AmosCambridge2:07.60
2Edward AustinCambridge2:09.63
3Maarten SwartOxford2:17.66
4Caspar PatonOxford 2:18.04
Women's 50 Breast
1Tilly AnsellOxford 41.02
2Anna Christiansen Cambridge41.75
3Emily UrquhartOxford 45.04
4Shehani KumarasiriCambridge45.76
Men's 50 Breast
1Toby McCarollOxford 33.56
2Cassius ClarkCambridge34.47
3Tom HicklingOxford 35.51
4Adam LakatosCambridge36.42
Women's 50 Free
1Betsy PerryCambridge28.73
2Anna StevensonCambridge28.84
3Rellie GoddardOxford 32.09
4Genevieve NelsonOxford 32.62
Men's 50 Free
1Armen KarshenasOxford 26.27
2Jarvis ChapmanOxford 27.25
3Nat AmosCambridge28.26
4James PickstockCambridge30.61
Women's 4x50 Medley Relay
1Iris Hall,
Alex Vayro,
Anastasia Kopytina,
Beth Fitzsimmons
2Emily Urquhart,
Tilly Ansell,
Sarah Chapman,
Anna White
Oxford 2:30.20
Men's 4x50 Medley Relay
1Jarvis Chapman,
Toby McCarroll,
Arman Karshenas,
James Mason
2Balint Keresztfalvi,
Seth Follen,
Nick Maini,
Karl Romain
Women's 4x50 Free Relay
1Philippa Chambers,
Anna Stevenson,
Emma Grainger,
Betsy Perry
2Genevieve Nelson,
Lucy Greenwood,
Anna White,
Rellie Goddard
Oxford 2:09.65
Men's 4x50 Free Relay
1Philip Decker,
Michael Shao,
Hugo Caven,
Tom Hickling
Oxford 1:46.46
2Jacob Wright,
Nat Amos,
Ed Phillips,
Edward Austin