Seconds Varsity 2020

This year the Seconds Varsity Swimming match took place at the Rosenblatt Pool, Oxford. It was a very close and exciting match all the way with Oxford sneaking victory with 95-81. This marks the second time the Dolphins have beaten the Marlins with a much higher level competition than previous years. Each team had experienced members combined with talented freshers and even some previous Blues match competitors making the fierce rivalry have an exciting showdown on the day.

Men's 4640
Women's 100 IM
1Janet ChanOxford1:14.97
2Iris HallCambridge1:15.66
3Clara BarchorzCambridge1:18.97
4Zoe HarleyOxford 1:19.38
Men's 100 IM
1Edward AustinCambridge1:04.58
2Nick LimOxford 1:04.92
3James MasonOxford1:06.87
4Edward RobertsCambridge1:07.59
Women's 50 Back
1Esme BriggsOxford33.75
2Rinda NareshOxford34.85
3Clara BarchorzCambridge35.85
4Shehani KumaraCambridge37.44
Men's 50 Back
1Jarvis ChapmanOxford 28.83
2Kazimir Uzwyshyn-JonesCambridge29.10
3Cameron MacDonaldOxford29.68
4Jacob WrightCambridge31.92
Women's 100 free
1Anna StevensonCambridge1:03.92
2Emma GraingerCambridge1:04.89
3Sophie WhiteheadOxford1:06.46
4Sarah ChapmanOxford1:06.49
Men's 100 free
1Alex ThompsonOxford57.20
2Nick StockwellCambridge58.67
3Phillip DeckerOxford59.83
4Karl RomainCambridgeDQ
Women's 50 Fly
1Nina HolguinOxford31.31
2Lucy GreenwoodOxford32.57
3Alex VayroCambridge33.89
4Abbie CurringtonCambridge34.29
Men's 50 Fly
1Nick MainiCambridge26.54
2Jonnie JamesCambridge27.59
3Arman KarshenasOxford 28.05
4Arthur ChanOxford29.59
Women's 200 Free
1Sophie WhiteheadOxford 2:23.57
2Sarah ChapmanOxford 2:24.49
3Amelia UrryCambridge2:24.60
4Margaux DurandCambridge2:27.59
Men's 200 Free
1Nathaniel AmosCambridge2:06.02
2Edward AustinCambridge2:11.74
3Sebastian SanerOxford2:12.12
4Maarten SwartOxford 2:15.78
Women's 50 Breast
1Janet ChanOxford 37.85
2Alex VayroCambridge39.90
3Ada TaggartOxford 39.94
4Anna ChristiansenCambridge42.40
Men's 50 Breast
1Kazimir Uzwyshyn-JonesCambridge31.88
2Nick LimOxford32.19
3Edward RobertsCambridge32.68
4James MasonOxford34.28
Women's 50 Free
1Emma GraingerCambridge29.10
2Nina HolguinOxford29.13
3Anna StevensonCambridge29.42
4Lucy GreenwoodOxford 29.91
Men's 50 Free
1Jonnie JamesCambridge25.19
2Alex ThompsonOxford 26.26
3Nick StockwellCambridge26.73
4Michael ShaoOxford26.98
Women's 4x50 Medley Relay
1Esme Briggs, Janet Chan, Nina Holguin, Sarah ChapmanOxford2:14.24
2Shehani Kumara, Anna Christiansen, Abbie Currington, Amelia UrryCambridge2:24.69
Men's 4x50 Medley Relay
1Cameron MacDonald,
Nick Lim,
Arman Karshenas,
Alex thompson
2Edward Austin, Edward Roberts, Nick Maini, Edward PhillipsCambridge1:55.41
Women's 4x50 Free Relay
1Clara Barchorz, Anna Stevenson, Emma Grainger, Iris HallCambridge1:57.61
2Sophie Whitehead, Ada Taggart, Rinda Naresh, Esme BriggsOxford 1:59.33
Men's 4x50 Free Relay
1Michael Shao, James Mason, Tom Hickling, Jarvis ChapmanOxford 1:46.46
2Jonnie James, Nick Stockwell, Nathaniel Amos, Kazimir Uzwyshyn-JonesCambridgeDQ