Varsity 2016

Varsity 2016

Varsity 2016 was held at the Rosenblatt Pool in Oxford on 27th February. It was an incredibly closely-fought match, with the result coming down to the very last event. Oxford won the women’s event but unfortunately lost out in an incredibly close final relay to lose the men’s and the overall trophy by just two points. Kouji Urata received a special award for his amazing achievement of eight full blues in swimming.




Women 200 IM1Naomi VidesOxford2:25.22
2Amy FelgakCambridge2:30.26
3Tamsin McKinnonOxford2:36.83
4Ginlia SaviolisCambridge2:45.84
Men 200 IM
1Matt CourtisOxford2:06.75
2Peter HensmanOxford2:11.24
3Graeham DouglasCambridge2:11.57
4Jordan ThorntonCambridge2:15.02
Women 100 Back
1Charlotte NewmanOxford1:04.82
2Katherine PyneCambridge1:05.46
3Suzanne NormanOxford1:07.39
4Katerine ChapmanCambridge1:11.92
Men 100 Back
1Henry ChoonyCambridge1:00.00
2Jamie TownerOxford1:00.53
3Ashwin MenonOxford1:01.10
4Anthony TsouCambridge1:03.35
Women 200 Free
1Katrin HeiderCambridge2:03.91
2Ellie WinterOxford2:04.68
3Sophia SallerOxford2:16.17
4Priya CrosbyCambridge2:21.59
Men 200 Free
1Erik SullivanCambridge1:53.70
2George StannardOxford1:55.62
3James RossOxford1:55.84
4James GreenCambridge1:56.50
Women 100 Fly
1Amy FelgateCambridge1:05.91
2Lydia WoodwardCambridge1:08.82
3Louise ToddOxford1:18.03
4Suzanne NormanOxford1:20.65
Men 100 Fly
1Calum FergusonCambridge56.53
2Matt CourtisOxford56.85
3Kouji UrataOxford57.68
4Dan BrackenburyCambridge1:00.07
Women 400 Free
1Naomi VidesOxford4:38.98
2Sophia SallerOxford4:40.31
3Lydia WoodwardCambridge5:00.79
4Rebecca HughesCambridge5:04.99
Men 400 Free
1Dimitris KousoulidisCambridge4:06.09
2Dan MannersOxford4:06.16
3George StannardOxford4:08.71
4Andrew NgCambridge4:12.38
Women 100 Breast
1Charlotte NewmanOxford1:16.84
2Tamsin McKinnonOxford1:18.76
3Priya CrosbyCambridge1:22.93
4Ginlia SaviolisCambridge1:25.58
Men 100 Breast
1Dominic HollowayCambridge1:04.14
2Peter HensmanOxford1:07.32
3Graeham DouglasCambridge1:08.30
4Adam BagleyOxford1:08.91
Women 100 Free
1Katrin HeiderCambridge57.23
2Ellie WinterOxford57.76
3Kathrine PyneCambridge1:00.95
4Laura FenwickOxford1:05.02
Men 100 Free
1Erik SullivanCambridge52.81
2Luke SheridanOxford53.10
3James GreenCambridge53.30
4James TownerOxford53.40
Women 4x50m Medley Relay
1Katherine Pyne,
Katrin Heider,
Amy Felgate,
Lydia Woodward
2Suzanne Norman,
Tamsin McKinnon,
Holly Winfield,
Sophia Saller
Men 4x100m Medley Relay
1Anthony Tsou,
Dominic Holloway,
Calum Ferguson,
Henry Choony
2Ashwin Menon,
Matt Courtis,
Kouji Urata,
James Ross
Women 4x50m Free Relay
1Charlotte Newman,
Naomi Vides,
Holly Winfield,
Ellie Winter
2Claudia Feng,
Rebecca Hughes,
Ginlia Saviolis,
Priya Crosby
Men 4x100m Free Relay
1Erik Sullivan,
James Green,
Dimitris Kousoulidis,
Henry Choony
2Dominic McLoughlin,
Luke Sheridan,
George Stannard,
Jamie Towner