Biannual Varsity Cross Channel Relay

The Cross Channel Relay Competition was founded in 1998 by Nick Thomas and Martin Davies to raise awareness of the new pool appeal at Iffley Road and has been running biannually ever since.

The race is swum by a team of six , three men and three women, from each university. They swim in one hour stints until they have crossed the channel, from England to France. Due to variation in coastline of France and sea currents, any difference in time under two minutes is counted as a draw.The next race will be in 2016.

A report on last years crossing is available here and for more information visit the Poseidon Club website.


Cambridge 3
Oxford 4
Draw 2

1998 Draw 9:24* 9:24*
2000 Oxford 8:25 8:18*
2002 Oxford 9:19 9:07*
2004 Cambridge 8:49* 9:13
2006 Cambridge 10:22 10:48
2008 Oxford 10:20 10:00
2010 Cambridge 8:51* 9:03
2012 Oxford DNF 8:45*
2014 Draw 9:00 9:02

*  – denotes fastest channel relay of the year

The 2014 Oxford and Cambridge teams:

2014 Cross Channel


The 2016 Biannual cross-channel swim is kindly sponsored by Metaswitch and Simmons and Simmons.

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