Meet the Team

Meet the Team

With Oxford University (Virtual) Open Day approaching, OUSC wanted to share their experiences of sport at Oxford. We asked members of the Blues and Seconds Team about what they enjoy most about Oxford life and sport at Oxford. We also wanted to talk about some common misconceptions and debunk some myths!

If you are interested in joining OUSC, please get in touch with the Blues captains, Matty Johnson and Zoe Faure Beaulieu. Make sure you check out our FAQs article and our instagram (@ousc_blues). On 1st and 2nd July, we will be running an ‘Ask the Team’ event on our instagram so stay tuned for more information about OUSC!

Luiza Farache Trajano

Magdalen, Medicine

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

When I came to Oxford, I was really reluctant to start swimming. It had been 2-and-a-half years and I honestly thought I would drown if I attempted more than 50m.

However, my experience as an Oxford swimmer has really surprised me- I was able to complete that first 50m, start competing again and even managed to PB! I really believe that the reason behind this rekindled love for the sport lies in the fact that I am surrounded by positive and motivating team mates. It may sound cheesy, but OUSC has enriched my university experience more than I can put into words. I’d really recommend for any swimmers, regardless of how long it’s been since you last went for a paddle, to try out swimming at university- you might surprise yourself! 

Matty Johnson

Men’s Blues Captain 2020-21

Exeter, Biochemistry

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

There’s so much flexibility in working hours so you can fit so much into a day so don’t stress about work taking up all your day!

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

OUSC is full of like minded people; competitive but also looking for a good laugh!

Matt Williams

Jesus, Law

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

There’s always time for social life no matter how tough people say your course is going to be! 

Best thing about sport at Oxford:

Having the ability to have fun and switch off from work

Sarah Chapman

Univ, Chemistry

Favourite thing about Oxford:

Brunch! Whether that be with my flat, rowing crews or after swimming training – there’s a lot of excellent brunch spots in Oxford!

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

It’s okay if you can’t do something / you are struggling – so many people are there to support and help you whether it be friends, tutors or other staff and everyone is a lot more friendly than you might think

Max Underwood

Keble, Physics

Favourite thing about Oxford:

The traditions (both the older ones from the main university and the newer ones within the swim team)

Something you wish you knew about OUSC:

Age group swimming and university swimming can be very different!

Esmé Briggs

Worcester, Law with European Law

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

The interview process is really well organised with plenty of Oxford students around to help and answer any questions!

Favourite thing about Oxford:

Very tricky to choose one thing but a few things really stand out: the people, my college, swimming, socials, the city, to name a few

Claudia Murray

Merton, Medicine

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

The team! The team creates such an encouraging environment and I love how sociable everyone is! 

Felix Gallagher

Teddy Hall, Economics and Management

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

Morning training doesn’t start until 7am!

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

You can still fit in lots of sport/socialising around your degree

Zoe Faure Bealiueu

Women’s Blues Captain 2020-21

Pembroke, Chemistry

Favourite thing about Oxford:

The college environment – although it can be strange at the start, your college very quickly starts to feel like home. I think it’s only really this term that I’ve really realised how much I love being in college, around my friends, eating in hall and so on. It’s your own mini campus and you will make some of your favourite memories there – from a freshers movie night to a 3am Mcdonalds post night out, and not forgetting your first formal hall and the inevitable hungover tutorial – your college really becomes your safe place!

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

Quite a classic but get involved in clubs and societies. You’ll often hear from the outside (and sometimes from your tutors) that you can’t balance sport/any hobby with oxford life and that is just not true. Yes it requires organisation but it’s so important to get involved in things outside of your degree which make you happy. You can have a social life, you can do sport/drama/art or whatever makes you smile, just get out there and find something you love . Your Oxford experience is not just your problem sheets and essays, it’s everything that the uni has to offer and there is something for everyone!


St Catz, Material Sciences

Favourite thing about Oxford:

I love that every afternoon, after my morning lectures, I’ll go to the library to do some work and that my local library is the Radcliffe Camera. You can’t get much better than that!

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

There’s definitely a change in perspective from age group swimming and I love the sense that everyone is supporting each other and working towards a common goal…of shoeing some tabs 😉 (beating Cambridge).

Rinda Naresh

Women’s Seconds Team Captain 2020-21

New, Medicine

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

Like many other swimmers, I used to swim competitively and then stopped. Around 4 years later I was really scared to start again, worried about the pressure that I used to hate and worried that I wouldn’t be good enough. I decided to try swimming for the Seconds team and it was honestly the best decision! It’s made me fall in love with swimming again and I’ve even managed to get back to PB times that I never expected to be able to achieve. The Seconds team is so relaxed and friendly and I’m now the Seconds Women’s captain! 

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

It’s not as hard as people say! I was pleasantly surprised that the workload was so manageable and I could do several sports and societies and still go out throughout the week. There may be the occasional essay crisis, but the lows are always cancelled out by everything else which makes oxford so amazing.  

Sophie Lawrence

LMH, Chemistry

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

Everyone on the team is so supportive both in and out of the pool. We are all super competitive in the pool but a great laugh on a social too. Such a great group of people to be friends with 

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

LMH isn’t actually that far away!

Christy Sadler

St Peter’s, Chemistry

President 2020-21

Something you wish you knew before applying to Oxford:

Even the smartest people make mistakes! Don’t worry if you don’t understand something or make a mistake in a problem sheet; the tutors are very understanding as they sometimes make mistakes too. 

Best thing about swimming at Oxford:

I took some time away from swimming and decided to join the waterpolo club when I started Oxford. I loved playing water polo but I realised I was lacking hand eye coordination!! I made the transition back into swimming in my 2nd year and am so glad I did! The people are what makes the club what it is. They are so kind and always have your back. We really push each other in training but we always have the energy for a boogie on a Wednesday night!