OUSC Doing their Part

During these difficult and uncertain times, many members of OUSC are trying to do their bit to help the NHS and their local communities. We wanted to share some of their stories to spread some positivity and inspire you to do what you can to help out. 

Rinda Naresh

Medicine, 1st Year, New College, Women’s Seconds Captain

Rinda is currently volunteering at her local hospital to support the NHS with the distribution of PPE. As part of her role, Rinda must deliver PPE to the wards to save hundreds of doctors from having to drive long distances to collect this equipment each day. This means that doctors and nurses can prioritise patient care whilst staying safe and protected.

Another part of the role involves helping elderly coronavirus patients make contact with their families via video call. Many of these patients do not have smart phones and have not been able to see their friends or families for weeks now. 

Zoe Faure Bealieu 

Chemistry, 2nd Year, Pembroke, Women’s Blues Captain

Zoe is currently working as a Check in and Chat Volunteer as part of the Royal Voluntary Service. In this role, Zoe provides telephone support for vulnerable people who are having to self isolate. 

Jamie Towner

Medicine, 5th Year, Worcester, 2017-18 Men’s Blues Captain

Jamie is currently working hard as part of the Oxford Vaccine Group which is set to start the UK’s first coronavirus vaccine clinical trial next week. 

You can read more about the work the group is doing here: 


Sarah Chapman

Chemistry, 2nd Year, University College

Sarah is volunteering at her local hospital to help support the NHS with admin and non-clinical roles. Part of her role involves sitting with Dementia patients during meal times to provide them with some company and support.

Lara Reed

Medicine, 4th Year, Somerville, Open Water Captain

Lara is currently looking after children whose parents are working for the NHS. She is also helping to home school them to ensure that they continue to progress whilst the schools are closed.

Luiza Farache Trajano

Medicine, 3rd Year, Magdalen

Luiza is about to start as a volunteer for a clinical trial exploring how two drugs that are currently on the market could be used as potential therapies for Covid-19 infected patients. 

Medic from St Hugh’s College

A member of the Seconds Team is currently volunteering in the ICU at a local hospital. This role involves working on the front line during 12 hour shifts to support NHS staff. 

There are many ways that you can get involved and lend a helping hand. Food banks have seen a 300% increase in demand during the coronavirus pandemic. We would recommend donating to a local food bank, if possible, and you can find your nearest food bank here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/donate-food/

Remember that there is always someone that you can talk to should you need to. Contact our Welfare Officer Owen Lawton, or you can contact the OUSC President: Christy Sadler. Their emails found on the committee page. We have lots of other contacts on the Welfare page of the website so please do have a look. 

Stay safe! 

By Christy Sadler