Training camp 2020: Lanz-alot-e

Training camp 2020: Lanz-alot-e

This year’s training camp (6th-13th January 2020) stood out for the impressive number of lengths endured by our incredible distance swimmers. The whole team’s endurance was also tested at the end of the week as Men’s Captain, Matt, tirelessly belted out several hours worth of karaoke.

Some other highlights of the week included the final day’s test set, which saw some very positive swims from the whole cohort – the perfect start to the new year with just 6 weeks now until the annual shoeing. The final relay also revealed some undiscovered talents on the team and earned one swimmer a new nickname and legendary status.

With ten swims and three gym sessions completed, the seventeen swimmers on camp certainly earned the daily buffet and have got some great momentum going for Hilary Term. 

It wasn’t all hard work, however. Day three’s trip to the local beach was a key moment for team bonding and provided some great team memories.

Amusingly, Cambridge were also present in Lanzarote for their own training camp. They politely refused an on-site mini golf Varsity proposition because they’d ‘definitely lose’… let’s hope the odds are similar for the real Varsity!

A big thank you to our coach, Zichen, for the great humour he always provides alongside his grueling training programme. Thanks also go to captains Matt and Ellie for organising a fantastic trip.

Report by Zara Ryan