Varsity 2017 – 25th February

Varsity will take place on the 25th February at Parkside Pool in Cambridge. The timetable for the day is as follows:

12:00  – Swimming Warm-Up and Spectator Access to Balcony

12:45  – Swimming Teams’ Parade

12:55  – Swimming Events Start

14:30  – Swimming Award Ceremony

14:45  – Alumni Warm-Up

15:00  – Alumni Water Polo Match

15:45  – Men’s Second Team Warm-Up

16:00  – Men’s Second Team Water Polo Match

17:00  – Women’s Team Parade

17:10  – Women’s Warm-Up

17:20  – Women’s Water Polo Match

18:20  – Men’s Team Parade

18:30  – Men’s Warm-Up

18:40  – Men’s Water Polo Match

19:40  – Water Polo Award Ceremony

The whole team is looking really good as we move into the final phase of our training and we can’t wait to go and smash some tabs to win that Varsity trophy back!

All alumni and supporters are welcome to come to cheer us on!

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